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    • Update

      I’m still working on it, but the new version of is coming along nicely. Overall, it has a brand-new look, but is still on CakePHP. Once this iteration is done, I’m going to try to actually move it to Ruby on Rails.

      The main layout is now liquid. There’s a new title, logo, and main nav links. There’s even a cheesy tagline :-P

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    • Thirty

      This is the state of my Gmail Inbox today, December 9th, 2010, my 30th birthday. Most of these came in last night, but you get the gist. Also, this is not the first year that I’ve gotten a flurry of birthday wishes from automated mail daemons, but it’s the first time I’ve posted about it on this blog.

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    • Making a Better Web Portfolio

      I’ve had the domain since 03/03/2003 (wow, I swear I didn’t pick that day for any particular reason). Before that I had some personal websites, but they didn’t have the distinctive vanity address that I eventually picked out for myself. Generally, it’s been a place to showcase my original music, and it’s been fun updating it every year or so with a new look or technology. Music hasn’t been a very profitable business, however, and so in 2009 I bought, ostensibly to showcase my very web development skills themselves.

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    • Adventures in Food Preparation: Muddie Buddies

      Robyn mentioned some seriously sweet sounding snack recently, called “Muddie Buddies”. She’s feeling a bit under the weather so she just observed as I did the actual preparation. This is rare.

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    • Eating Habits

      Even though it would be more cost-effective, I enjoy purchasing food at work rather than bringing it.

      Part of my morning routine that I enjoy is tempering the blah feeling I have of getting up early and then walking into my office by making a “pit stop” of sorts at the nearby cafeteria. I’m at work, in a sense, but still not at work yet. Smelling the brewing coffee and pastries helps start my day.

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    • Holiday Hijinks

      Robyn and I decided to decorate our house for Christmas today. We already had our 4′ fake tree up on an end table next to the living room window, a wreath was hung from the front door, and our stockings were hung on a nearby bookshelf, but we hadn’t put up any lights! Lights are what make any holiday worth its salt…worth its NaCl.

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    • Adventures in Sneaking

      Through repeated plays of many games that require you to overcome enemies to progress through a narrative, I’ve come to a conclusion: save for a game that actually punishes you for it, by dint of its overall treatment (e.g. Metal Gear, Thief), the best way to win is to Rambo, not stealth-play, the situation.

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    • Just One Password Needed
      Just One Password Needed

      It had been suggested that I use 1Password a while ago. Since I was already used to using browser-based user/pass management, the thought of purchasing something to input them all over again was discouraging to say the least.

      However, due to the good nature of a friend, I was gifted a Mac license of 1Password recently. The interface is slick as hell, and I found that it did a lot more than just give you a notepad to put passwords.

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    • An Artsy Shot from Julian
      An Artsy Shot from Julian

      I had a friend (continue to) stand in front of a scenic overlook while we were perched atop a hill in Julian recently. He was standing there, most likely taking in the majesty of nature, and I figured it would make a good shot. I said to not move, he remained motionless and I clicked the button on the camera. The result was pretty good. Also, it was cold.

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      I love our house. In the summer, for the most part, the insulation kept the inside cool despite it being cold outside. When it didn’t do a good enough job, or it was simply too hot outside, we used the air conditioner.

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