Another late night, another PYC RBN update.

Tonight I tackled the guitar charts. I had already written a decent Expert chart, but it needed quite a bit of tweaking, mainly to make it flow better and to make sustained notes make more sense. Despite playing a LOT of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, there’s still some difficulty in making your own note charts to spec, no matter how many you’ve played.

The process of stripping away notes to go from a higher difficulty to a lower one is as about as straightforward on guitar as it is on drums, with the somewhat more heinous modifier of having potential note positions disappear on Medium and Easy. A good familiarity with the source music is key to knowing where you can eliminate notes without sacrificing rhythmic stability. Still, I’m not used to playing anything below Expert anymore, so the charts for the other three are crap shoots. Much actual playtesting is needed.

Tomorrow (or whenever I next work on it): charting the bass for Hard, Medium, and Easy, as well cleaning up Expert a bit.