I’m making note charts for Pure Yellow Colour’s “Six More Weeks of Winter” in order to eventually upload to the Rock Band Network for fun and (very small potential) profit. In the end, you will be able to go online to the Rock Band Music Store and download the track I made, just like any other, and play it on your XBOXEN THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY (and maybe the PS3ZLE, too).

This involves making MIDI charts for all four instruments, for all four difficulties (including Overdrive and Unison triggers), as well as visual animations and cues. No small task, sirs and madams. And that’s just for ONE SONG.

Anyhow, I’ll probably be charting my long, perilous progress on this here LJ.

Last weekend, I got Reaper, the DAW software Rock Band has blessed with its custom templates and color maps for easier charting, up and running. I also got a template with all the song’s audio files set up in the right place.

Tonight, I charted the Expert Drum track, probably the one thing hardcore players care about the most.

Tomorrow, I figure out how to turn the Expert Drum track into Hard, Medium, and Easy make an Expert Bass chart.