I didn’t think I’d get there, but Expert Guitar and Vocals are pretty done.

Vocals were quite the beast, mainly because I had NO guide as to what the notes are. Kathy just sang her melody atop her known chords and my known leads, but I never knew what notes she was actually singing. Well, when you need to make a MIDI chart of that, it’s all trial and error. Thanks to Robyn for helping me out with the first two verses and choruses.

After doing that, I toyed with the idea of doing Expert Guitar, too, not really intending to spend more consecutive hours on this project in one night. And yet…here we are at 2:30 and the whole thing is done (with some assured tweaking needed for the solo later).


There is still the matter of making the Hard, Medium, and Easy charts for guitar, bass, and drums, but that will be another day.