Tonight, with the discovery of the custom keymaps and Rock Band preview plugin, I’ve gotten all the Drum charts done. The aforementioned preview plugin lets you see the notes you’ve charted, or “gems”, scroll down a “gem” highway much like in the game. It’s amazingly sweet to see this as it makes all my work seem like it’s been fo’ realz, ya’ll.

Robyn looked at the Expert Drum chart and told me what seemed too hard, and with the Authoring specs online, I wrote the Hard Drum chart, and then the Medium chart, and then the Easy chart. Each one was its own specific challenge to remove difficulty, but in a consistent manner, and (hopefully) without making anything sub-Expert too sparse and/or uninteresting. It’s really neat to me, during this process, to pick apart a song’s rhythmic structure, down to its skeleton (Medium), and then to even its pseudo or primitive level (Easy), only ramping up the basic quarter note rhythm with specific notes that lend itself to the song’s core beat.

There will need to be further testing with people of different skill levels to further fine-tune, but for now, they are done.

Tomorrow night, I tackle the sub-Expert Guitar charts.