OMFG! I got it to build! I got to build!

To make this sensible to non-people-who-have-been-working-on-a-piece-of-RB-DLC-for-several-weeks, I’ll say that the program that compiles all the audio and MIDI together finally got through its compilation with no errors.

I spent about an hour tonight trying to fix its (sometimes perplexing) error messages and was about to give up. I had it down to one left, but I wasn’t sure what was causing it. I shut down my VM with XP in it (I use Reaper on a MacBook for all the sequencing of audio and MIDI and Magma, the RB DLC “authoring” tool, in Windows cuz it don’t got a Mac version), ready to call it a day, when I looked at Reaper, thought about the error, and then made a change which I was fairly sure was going to make everything all better. Fired up the VM again, fired up Magma, crossed my fingers, and BAM! No errors.

All that’s left now is for me to either pay $50 for 4 months or $100 for 12 months of FULL-ON Microsoft XNA membership, necessary for uploading my finished bundle to my 360. I figured if I actually paid it tonight and it uploaded successfully, I’d be up ALL night playing and tweaking it, so I’m gonna hold off. But, damn, man. It’s gonna work. It’s just a bunch of playtesting and customizing from here on out.

Pure Yellow Colour WILL be on Rock Band…soon.