THIS IS IT! The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Pure Yellow Colour’s “Six More Weeks of Winter” being played on my Xbox 360.

Magma transferring the main song file to my Xbox 360

My Xbox 360 grabbing the file Magma's pushing

Gameplay footage

More gameplay footage

One of my attempts to play the expert guitar chart

As you can see, shit is working! I noticed the tubes for the vocals don’t connect, and repeated pitches look odd, but I’m sure I can get that worked out. Both the guitar and bass seem fine, but the drums and vocals still need to be checked. And all that’s just for expert, of course. Gonna need some people to try it out on the other difficulties, too, to make sure they make sense.

DUDE! It has happened. It took me about a month to get it all working, but it does, in fact, work. The RBN store doesn’t open for another few weeks, so I can’t get it vetted by the online community/sold in the DLC store just yet, but rest assured, I’ll get it in there somehow soon.

This is hella sweet.