Much progress, however ancillary, has been made tonight.

With help from Robyn, the vocal chart has been improved and should be pretty done. Also, I successfully added lyrics to each “note tube” (as Harmonix calls them), so when you try to sing, words will help guide you :P

I added Left-Hand animation cues for Guitar/Bass, but no Right-Hand, as I think the defaults are probably fine. As far as custom lighting or character animations…it’s kind of overwhelming what they let you do, and at this point I’d rather just get a working song, so they’re gonna stay at their default randomness for now.

I redid the Overdrive sections I originally, and haphazardly created, and added Unison sections, as well. Not sure they’re spaced out/positioned correctly, but only a playthrough will fix that.

Speaking of playthroughs, I tried building the .RPA file for the first time tonight. That is the proprietary format Rock Band takes for custom songs. It’s a mish mash of MIDI and WAV data, and I’ve already run into several show-stopping bugs in my MIDI that I need to fix before I get a clean build. Once I do, I think it’s ready for testing!

This thing is totally going to work. All my hard work over the last month is going to pay off. And if it goes well (whatever criteria I come up with to judge the “wellness” of it all is TBD), I may go through this craziness again, albeit with some experience under my belt and a sweet-ass template ready to go.

For now, time to unwind with some TV and then hit the hay. G’night, all.