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    • Big Giant Circles, My Kind of Music

      No matter the instrumentation or style, good music is good music. This means I usually like just about anything that can be reasonably groked (and even some that can’t). However, more and more I find that the kind of music more-easily created using a computer and sequencer, using synths and samples, is the kind I like the most. It’s like a mix of my childhood (video games) and my current abilities (Logic) rolled into one. When I hear it, it almost immediately puts me in a good, head-bobbin’ mood.

      Big Giant Circles, the musical persona of Jimmy Hinson, just released his debut album. After listening to 1.2 tracks, I knew I had to have it. Bought, downloaded, and playing. It’s got contributions from everyone to Minecraft composer C418, to VVVVVVV maestro souleye, to my personal favorite songcrafter Disasterpeace.

      Get it.

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    • Nebyoolaeous Experience Album Update

      There is now an unofficial tracklisting for Nebyoolaeous Experience!

      1. The Jam Bridge
      2. Blue Boxer
      3. Zenith Exit
      4. Jamboni
      5. Nothing Road
      6. Intelligent Discourse
      7. Emerald
      8. SoCal Switchblade
      9. Music for Synths
      10. Thirteen Striking Clocks
      11. New Settlement
      12. Indigo
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    • The Nebyoolaeous Experience


      So…I’m working on a new album. The working title is Nebyoolaeous Experience, because I am a conceited pedant. I started tracking one piece, and then another, and then another…and now it’s starting to look like I might have a full-on collection of pieces to tie some rope around and call it an album. Hell yeah.

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    • String of Pearls, or I’m Reminded Yet Again of One of My Favorite Songs

      String of Pearls by Soul Asylum

      (Lyrics from memory to follow…)

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    • Breaking Out Old Red

      Something I used to do everyday for hours without even thinking about it now is something I have to consciously schedule time for. Yes, I’ve been playing guitar for about 15 years now, and yes I’m married and own a home. None of those are excuses to not practice, though. No, the boring truth is that my talent peaked a while ago, and my creative ideas are more sparse and are often funneled elsewhere. Instead of something I initially binged on, losing myself in the art, playing the guitar is just something I do occasionally now, and I’m really just largely known for having played it more than actively plucking the strings.

      This makes me sad.

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    • My First Project in Ruby on Rails
      My First Project in Ruby on Rails

      Deep within the myriad web tutorials, eBooks, and tinkering/spelunking of others' projects on and with Ruby and Rails that I've penetrated with my curiosity comes an official announcement: I've embarked on my first, really real Ruby on Rails project.

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    • I Miss (The Golden Age of) LiveJournal

      It used to be a series of rituals each day. Check email to see if I got any comments on my latest LJ post. Check my LJ friends list to see what new posts had been made. Read the comments for the posts I was interested in. Maybe reply to one of the comments. Maybe become inspired to write an LJ post of my own. Check my LJ friends list to see what new posts had been made since I wrote up my latest post. Read the comments of those posts. Maybe reply to them. Lather, rinse, repeat. If all else failed, I’d add some new funny “interests” or upload a new usericon to amuse myself and others. Exhausting my friends’ content meant I could just look at the friends of my friends’ content and sometimes find a diamond in the rough I could add to my own personal coffers.

      I bet I’m not the only one who had this routine at some point.

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    • Cleaning Out the Musical Mindspace, Or How Dumeh Still Isn’t Done


      Making music is a way for me to express myself. It combines the somewhat mechanical method of constructing something new out of existing parts, but it also allows me to emotionally imbue something in a symbolic way. When words fail to properly display how I’m feeling, creating structured sound sometimes does the trick.

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    • Sharing is the Point

      Over the course of my history of computer programming (which stretches from the simplest markup language to full-on compiled languages), I've tried out a lot of things. When my family got its first personal computer, an AST rocking a 100MHz Pentium 1 processor and Windows 3.1 (MPC level 2, baby!), it came with QBASIC alongside its foundational copy of DOS 6. I remember playing Gorillas on it, later marveling at the source code, not really understanding how it all worked.

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    • RPM Redux
      RPM Redux

      A friend of mine mentioned doing the RPM Challenge back in February of 2010. Much like MUSIK 2003 and MUSIK 2006, it was a month-long challenge to make some music. Instead of doing a song a day, which is quite a drain of one’s creativity, the RPM Challenge was just to make an album in a month, considered to be either 10 songs or 35+ minutes of music.

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