The sweet rock band I’m currently in, Fly Like Venus, is getting more legit everyday.

News The One: we’re currently recording the final track of our first album. It’s kind of the power ballad of the whole thing, and so has a nice quiet beginning that gets rocking later. Once that’s done we can send it off for mastering, and then we’ll have something to show off to everyone who hasn’t been holed up in a garage once a week for over a year.

News the Two: we just played a show at a friendly little bar in town and rocked their doors off. I feel bad that the first two songs were a bit out of tune, which was largely my fault, but I think we made up for it. Not used to doing these kinds of things, so I’m off my game on the “playing live” tip. In fact, I’m going to get more practice very soonish, because we have a couple gigs lined up in the next few months (and a few more in the works).

News the Three: a new live video for “Scenes from My Window” appears!