The RPM Challenge is an annual, um, challenge to make an album of music in a month. That’s 35 minutes or 10 songs, whichever comes first. I completed it once in 2010, which was when I made my first album of both music and lyrics.

Each year after I’ve thought about doing it again, but either couldn’t find the motivation or inspiration. For some reason, though, this year felt different, despite knowing I didn’t really have time or ability. I logged in, said I was going to do it, and then…did not. I got a few lyrical ideas jotted down, and even recorded a couple sketches, but nothing legitimate materialized, and it sucks. Musical projects usually get priority, but the style of music I was intended to do (folk with lyrics) was too ambitious for me, and it would require actually recording myself, which requires quiet and focus, and not just zoning out in Logic with headphones for hours.


It never feels good to say you’re going to do something and then not do it. Thankfully, there’s no penalty for not completing the RPM Challenge, except that I don’t have more music to add to my body of work, but that’s OK. There’s still lots of back catalog to go through every now and then, and Fly Like Venus‘s album is almost out!