No matter the instrumentation or style, good music is good music. This means I usually like just about anything that can be reasonably groked (and even some that can’t). However, more and more I find that the kind of music more-easily created using a computer and sequencer, using synths and samples, is the kind I like the most. It’s like a mix of my childhood (video games) and my current abilities (Logic) rolled into one. When I hear it, it almost immediately puts me in a good, head-bobbin’ mood.

Big Giant Circles, the musical persona of Jimmy Hinson, just released his debut album. After listening to 1.2 tracks, I knew I had to have it. Bought, downloaded, and playing. It’s got contributions from everyone to Minecraft composer C418, to VVVVVVV maestro souleye, to my personal favorite songcrafter Disasterpeace.

Get it.