Whomever actually wrote the LiveJournal Import tool is a godsend. Instead of this blog starting out with one wimpy little “HEY GUYS” post, it’s already stacked with over EIGHTEEN HUNDRED ENTRIES.

Now, LiveJournal said I had over 2100 posts, so I’m kind of worried about which ones got left behind. On the other hand, I started blogging in LJ in the year 2 thousand and one, and I’m sure whatever it didn’t grab was just angsty geek crap that I won’t miss. Life is much different now than it was then (and yet, oddly enough, similar enough to make an angsty geek post about someday), and I probably won’t miss them.

Still, the import tool is magnificent. Guys! It even got all the comments and (seemed to) thread them correctly! That’s some thorough dedication right there.

Also, it grabbed all the NebyooBlog entries by just uploading its RSS feed. Data moving between systems so easily…it’s not natural. OR IS IT?

The all-in-one Mega Blog of Supremacy continues to come together…