Album of the NebyooMoment: The Matic

You may have noticed, if you’ve been following this blog, that I recently created seven music videos under the guise of “The Matic Music Videos.” YouTube’s got the whole mess of them. Ranging in subjects from Alaska to cooking turkey stroganoff to springing TiVos out of jail, they were a blast to make.

Each video features music from my latest album release, aptly titled “The Matic.” All of the themes were created before the video, and before I even thought to add video to them. I’ve never done a “music video” in the past as it never really occurred to me, I didn’t have a video camera of any sort, and I didn’t have any video ideas.

Once Robyn decided to do a Picture of the Day for Some Amount of Time project, detailing the construction of the Scripps Seaside Forum, the idea to take all those pictures and essentially animate them came into existence. Of course, there needed to be music to go along with it, and I had skill in that department, so I made some. Later, we got married there.

Well, some months afterward, after working on some disparate themes, I figured it might be fun to make some visuals for them. People like visuals. The failure point is that I can’t draw well at all. It is neither something I’m naturally gifted, nor do I have an overarching interest in. However, I can point a metal object at things and push a button, so videos were the answer. In the end, it seemed perfectly natural to give abstract “themes” a visual component.

Ideas came to me over the course of a couple months, which I then translated into scads of footage. The footage was then imported into my MacBook, furthermore into iMovie, and then carefully arranged around the music. Usually, this meant cutting out 50-75% of the video shot for each one. Time lapse was a recurring element, as cliche as it may seem, but I like the effect. The TiVo one is my favorite because it’s silly and actually tells a story, rather than just creating a mood.

The music runs the usual gamut of sonic interests, be it pop instrumental guitar or faux-orchestral bombast. It represents a good pastiche of what it is that I like to create when Logic is open and/or a guitar is in my arms.

Henceforth, just in case you were interested in listening to only the music sans video, you are in luck. Enjoying the fruits of my labor, I hope you are.