I’ve been doing a lot of posting on my Mastodon instance lately. It’s been fun just throwing a few hundred characters up every now and then, and interacting with a new crowd of artists, programmers, and geeks I’ve amassed over the last ~10 months.

Media embeds work pretty seamlessly in a Mastodon post, but I’ve never tried to embed a Mastodon post somewhere else.

Let’s try it!

So, I made a track recently by doing a Live Loops session in Garageband iOS on my phone. I was inspired by the Neon Metropolis sound pack, which is full of fun chiptune beats, rhythms, arps, and leads. While on a recent vacation, I loaded up the sound pack, started a session, and then just went to town for a few minutes, starting and stopping loops, and doing DJ-style effects here and there.

Once I was happy with what I’d done, I imported the Garageband iOS file into Logic Pro X onto a Mac to clean up my mistakes and do some more customization. Then I exported it to an MP3, put it up on my VPS, and made a post on Mastodon about it. Hopefully, you should see that below.

If you don’t see the Mastodon post above, with a further-embedded media player, then just go to the post directly: direct link to Mastodon post

If that link doesn’t work, then try this link: direct link to Magnificent Megalopolis.

If that link doesn’t work, then just, uh, imagine a cool song in your head and call it a day.