In the past few months, I’ve been able to complete some new music, and I guess making a blog post about that is something people do, so…here it is.

While You Rest is the second “quiet” release I’ve done where I intentionally tried to make less bombastic stuff (my usual go-to) that you might even be able to sleep to. The first one was While You Wait.

Upgrade is technically only half “new” music, and even that music is heavily influenced by old dance/electronica tracks I made in the early 00s when I was first trying to do this kind of thing. Still, though, it’s a neat view into my “evolution” as a music maker, and finally encapsulates a certain genre I was really into then (and still am).

Gamey Goulash is the fourth release in a series of video game remix/cover/re-orchestration collections I’ve done over the last decade or so. It’s unique mainly in that I chose really popular tracks (including possibly the most famous of all time) instead of b-sides/deep cuts that I often choose.