Neither the Portal or Mirror’s Edge theme song, but true all the same: I’m still alive, kicking, and making music. None of that music is ready to drop online just yet, but it’s in the works.

Here’s what’s cooking:

  • Nebyoolaeinstrumental rock and electronic bops
    • Hindslight: a huge collection of instrumental rock pieces I’ve been tinkering with for, well, years. I may actually break this up into two albums.
    • OPM: short for “Other People’s Music”, this is a cover/remix album. I’m packaging together several pieces from the past that were only on Soundcloud, but first I need to see if they still open in the newest Logic and give them some spit ‘n’ shine.
  • Fenchypop-rock with lyrics
    • Drama Nerd EP: this 4-track release comes from waaaaaay back in my history. One of the pieces was literally written while I was in college and uses a poem from an ex-girlfriend for its lyrics.
    • Billion Grains of Rice: my first full-length album as Fenchy. So far, I’ve dropped just one album as Fenchy so far and it was only an EP for RPM April 2020. This will hopefully be the first real release.
  • Fly Like Venusalt-funk-rock with lyrics
    • Album #2: the rock band (with other people!) I’m in is still in the middle of writing and recording our second album. Due to COVID-19, we haven’t been able to practice with each other since mid-March 2020, so…this is gonna take longer than anticipated.
  • Massive Battery – electronic beats using only NI Massive and Battery, and tons of vocal samples
    • None at this time.