You may have heard of COVID-19, a novel coronavirus that’s sweeping the globe. Welp, what it means for me so far is working from home, schools closed, and a general unrest and fear of The Outside.

The whole family is at home: wife on support calls, child playing in her room, and me at a makeshift standing desk in our bedroom. Played some board games with a friend using Tabletopia last night for the first time. Reading the news is depressing. Seeing notices about everything closing and people “sheltering in place” is weird.

You think post-apocalyptic stuff like Fallout is fun to play, right? Well, we ain’t even close to it yet, and I already know it ain’t fun to live. Thankfully, our world has infrastructure to allow for me to keep working and getting paid so we can hole up in our house for who knows how long, but not everyone has that luxury. The food, shipping, utility, waste management, and healthcare industries are the real heroes right now, cuz we all still want our stuff, our health, and our junk to be taken away. So, thank you!

For now, my job is basically the same, and I’m fairly introverted anyway, so staying inside and playing games and watching TV and making music will hold me for a long time. Extreme extroverts? I feel for you now.

I’m pretty sure the US is still in the beginning stages of this pandemic, and the worst is yet to come. Let’s just hope we can weather it.