Lullabies, by Michael Chadwick

Sometimes, you just need some relaxing solo classical guitar to lull a young person into a state of unconsciousness. In order to facilitate this, or maybe just to offer up a collection of pleasant music to play in the background for some other task, I made a Lullabies album. The whole shebang is pay-what-you-will, or you can just stream for free.

It’s pretty raw, one-take stuff, so the tempo may meander, and the recording is nowhere near professional, but I think that just makes them more authentic.

Note: technically, these lullabies have no words, and they aren’t always in 6/8 time, so they may not have the traditional characteristics of the art form, but they can still work! I’ve used these pieces personally, and I think they will do the trick. I’ve even had the whole album approved by a real mother, so I think I know what I’m talking about. Besides, babies won’t know they’re not the real thing, man.