Even at 32, I’m still enamored by old video game music. However, I’m not obsessed with keeping them the way they are and can get behind reimagining them using new ideas and technology. We’re not restrained by 8 bits or limited space on a cartridge anymore.

Thus, I introduce Gamey Stew, a new collection of game remixes and covers.

It’s a followup to Gamey Mixture, another collection of game remixes and covers that I did back in September 2010. With both Gamey Stew, and its predecessor, my aim was to try to choose games (and, therefore, tracks) that hadn’t been covered by most of the mainstream remixes/covers I’ve seen in places like OCRemix and the like. This was largely done to help stand out in a now-crowded field of people doing this very thing. However, the games and tracks on the album are all well-loved by me and not simply picked to be different. As usual, the style goes back and forth between dance-y electronica stuff and instrumental guitar rock stuff. You know you love it.

You can head over to Bandcamp itself to stream the album for free. You can also download the whole thing for a measly five American dollars (or, I wager, whatever your country’s equivalent currency is).

If you want a quick two-minute slice of the whole album, check out this sampler platter I made for SoundCloud: