The new Logic Pro X is pretty awesome. A totally new coat of paint and a load of new features means that it takes some time to get used to it. I dig the new interface a lot, but I'm still learning its new quirks. Disappearing plugins and UI oddities keep me from being 100% satisfied with it, but I'm getting there.

I had several projects going before it came out, and I wasn't really keen on trying to get them to work in the new version before I had a chance to really run it through the ringer. Thus, the screenshot is for a brand-new song I've been tracking for a while now. It will be the soundtrack to a video I'm going to make about a recent trip to New York.

The session for the song is using a lot of the new guitar amp simulation plugins, as well as the new Drummer module. I love the latter sooooo much, as it's really rather intelligent and makes for quickly laying down a beat to play over almost stupidly easy. An adjustment to each region here and there as I change my mind about the song, and everything updates in near-real time. The algorithm they use for their so-called "Virtual Drummer" is quite good and, if I get lazy, the generated regions may end up going into the finished project; they are that good. However, if I am not lazy about it I will just drag them into a different drumkit plugin track and all the notes magically become editable.

I'm not yet sure about Summed Track Stacks, as they make for dragging regions in and out of them harder than regular tracks. It kind of makes buses more automagical, which is nice, but I'm going to have to test them out more before actually using them in a session.

All in all, I'm glad I'm finally digging into the wonders of Logic Pro X, and I hope to finish up some old projects in Logic Pro 9 soon so that I can come over full-time.