I’ve been reading through my sizable archive of posts on here (the majority of which came from my ~10 years spent on LiveJournal and are now private to protect all the people who I apparently had no problem with referring to by name all the time).

This is not too uncommon, as I’m wont to do this every, say, 6-12 months, reliving the nostalgia of my life using the most articulate record I know of.

I know it’s incredibly egocentric, but back in the day I was a good writer. You can tell from the way I wrote. There was a joy being had, one that I find very hard to conjure up anymore. It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: I miss those days. I miss the community. I miss my seemingly unflaggable ability to type up some words almost every day to commemorate something worth recalling later.

I do not miss, however, the drama from my college and post-college days, though! Those days are the ones where we all spent a lot of time “finding ourselves” and going through relationships, and I was no exception. Not to say that I’ve totally figured myself out and where I’m going to be in 10 years or anything, but I’m much more stable than I was then. Still, I find value and amusement virtually reliving the ups and downs of my 20s. I’m really glad I blogged then, even if I don’t blog as much now. Posterity is important to me,

One part of a post caught my eye recently, and I quote it here: “I don’t think I’ve had someone attend something I was in very often in my life, and it’s a little depressing. Still, my time will come, because I’ll make it come. I will have something that all my friends can come to, and I will feel validated. I’ll be proud of myself or I’ll be damned.” That was from early 2003, several years before I met Kathy and we became Pure Yellow Colour. It’s nice to know I finally got that “something”. Despite achieving little musical fame so far (or maybe ever), at least I’ll always have that. Thanks, Kathy!