Nebyoolae – Stringing You Along

I’ve loved playing the guitar for nearly 16 years now. That’s more than half my life. Of course, once I became more well-versed with making music on the computer, using synths and samplers and sequencers, just sitting down to play and maybe record myself playing a solo acoustic guitar became less of an activity. Here and there I’d revisit it, but it’s hard not to play with multi-track sample power once you get a taste of it. I like the timbre of more than just the guitar! I also can’t play everything I can imagine!

Well, OK…I don’t always feel that way. In fact, this post is to alert you to a collection of solo acoustic guitar pieces I’ve amassed called Stringing You Along. I chose 14 pieces, most only a couple minutes, and played each one on a single guitar. Most of the selections are covers, but a few are originals, largely written over the last decade, with one brand-new piece (Beloved) created just for this album.

Besides sharing my love for the guitar with anyone who wants to listen, I also see this album as a kind of portfolio/resume for anyone who might want a demonstration of what I can do. Before now, I only had a smattering of tracks, recorded over many years, and not sharing the same recording quality. Now I have a homogeneous group of pieces I can just link to and say “here’s what I can do!”.

For the video game nuts out there, I cover both “Tristram” from Diablo, and “Breezy” from FF8. For the Joe Satriani fans, I cover 3 of his tracks. For the Yanni fans out there, I did not deliver. Sorry.