Yes, I have another album in mind and in the works (conceptually, at least). Unlike the past few, however, this new album isn’t going to be new works. Instead, I’m going to recraft some old ideas (some of which are covers, too) into a single collection. Basically, between the rocking 4-piece instrumental rock stuff and the electronic grooves, I occasionally bust out an acoustic number here and there. I started my compositional hobby with just a single guitar with no accompaniment, and I like to return there now and then.

I’ve done many recordings of stuff you can play with a single guitar, but the record quality has always been all over the board as my situation and/or gear changed throughout the years. It seems worthy to make a single stop for that kind of music, and it makes even more sense to have them all share a consistent recording quality.

Thus, I’m going through my archives and picking out some golden oldies from the past (and maybe a few new ones) to give them a more polished treatment. No name has been chosen for this album o’ relaxed stringitude, but that’s the least of my worries right now: I haven’t even tried to play some of these pieces in years, so some practice is in order, for sure.