The Escort Mission is now live.

I’m in a podcast! Some friends of mine formed a little think tank/consortium/discussion group that gets together about once a week in the NebyooStudio to chat. My humble digital audio workstation powers up, microphones are properly checked, and games, television, movies, music, culture, or whatever else we want gets discussed, contorted, and hopefully hilariously dissected. Our opposing viewpoints both complement each other and diverge enough on the subjects we choose, which we hope makes for a good dialogue.

We’ve been having these kinds of discussions in a shared chat room online for years, but one day I realized that what we were doing was essentially like the gaming podcasts I’d been listening to. Both Chaz and Josh, the other two parts of our trio, have been listening to ‘casts for a long time, so I’m late to the party, but it was my idea to start our own! And they agreed! And here we are.

Check out our bloggy-blog for the deets on our new venture. We have two episodes recorded so far, with another coming up soon. Basically, I’m stoked and really enjoy the whole process. Despite being someone who does a lot of recording, I don’t normally record vocals, let alone only vocals, so it’s been a good learning process for my pro-am recording engineer side.