The domain and website of my namesake is dead., the online home I’ve held to show off my creative pursuits for nearly a decade, is now merely an A record on a DNS server pointing to my new cozy spot at Bandcamp.

The folks at BC make it ridiculously easy, and maybe even a little fun, to upload, organize, and even occasionally sell my work to the Internets. Their artist template is plain, but effective. It’s iconic without really being sophisticated. And a lot of music I’ve listened to lately has come from there. I dig them. I dig them so much that I realized my focus was to just provide access to the music I’ve done and…basically nothing else. Bandcamp does that better than I ever have.

My initial goal when I first got serious about web development was to create an online database of all my music (and even instrumental characteristics) so that it was accessible from anywhere and easily searchable. I then went ahead and did that. And it was good! But it was also never quite done, nor was it even used very much. I’ve written a lot of music and cataloging it was tedious. A lot of it was essentially detritus, having no association with an album, nor even a finished form. Lots of sketches got onto the site just for the sake of completion. Over the years I came to find that it’s just not worth keeping such detailed track of every idea I come up with.

In the middle of writing both Zoetic and the Impulse (OST), I decided to get more serious about selling my music and trying to be “pro”. Most of my web development is being done at work, so I’m less ambitious about personal projects. I have not lost my obsession with making and recording music, however. So I just did what a lot of people do: I outsourced. This blog here is my main “hey, I’m on the Internet” vehicle now, and Bandcamp takes care of the music. It’s a good deal.

Will ever become grounds for a future web project? It’s definitely possible with the ease my mind changes gears, but for now it’ll be used as the front door to what I’ve really wanted it to be all along: the music I’ve made that you should really give a listen to. Check it out, will ya?