Making that profile on 3+ years ago finally paid off.

A few months ago I was approached by an independent developer who had created a new, free, space-themed puzzle game. He said he had placeholder music, but wanted original creations. He also wondered if I was interested in making said creations.

I responded politely, professionally, and most enthusiastically with what amounted to “Hell yes, sir”.

Now, I’ve never written music for an actual game before. I have written music for a fake game, Ebben Flow, which I envisioned, but never planned to make. Creating a game is tough business, and I doubt I have the skill and patience to create something that…substantial. Music, on the other hand, I can and have created in spades. Having someone else make the game so that I can score it is really the ideal plan, and that’s what’s so great about this.

Through the last quarter of 2011 I worked in spurts, creating 7 tracks of moody, spacey goodness, all for creating an environment suited to blasting a pod through the blackness of atmosphere in search of a green exit. Hopefully, anyone who plays it will think similarly. On that note, you should play it.

I’ve put up the soundtrack I created on Bandcamp, my first offering to them. For the first time (save for Pure Yellow Colour), I’m putting a price on my music. The price is not very high, but I feel like people take something more seriously if you put a price on it, like you think it’s good enough to part with some coin in order to see/hear/experience something. I’m loathe to do this, since I know everyone is conditioned to expect free stuff on the Internet (myself included), but I feel the price point is low enough to not be a barrier. There are a lot of great musicians on Bandcamp, too, and maybe I will be your rabbit hole. It’s what I’ve always dreamed about, really.

Thank you to Joel for contacting me, thank you to Apple for Logic, and thank you to the myriad sample and synth makers who create tools for making sound do my bidding.