While I have one main, official musical collaboration under my belt (that of Pure Yellow Colour), I have met up with other musicians many times to do what we improvisers like to call "jamming". Break out some instruments and start playing. Sometimes there's a plan or some notes or words, but often it's just one person starting to play something while the others try to join in. It's a dance between a group of musicians that I can actually perform.

Occasionally, the jam session gets recorded. Rawly, of course, as we rarely had more than a single microphone sitting in the middle of a room trying to pick everyone up. Mixing and mastering doesn't happen here. Just pure, unaltered, sometimes downright cacophonous audio. Some of the madness over the past 6 or so years is now up on a neat little mini-site I just put up. Check out the Man Cave Jam, if you wish.

As far as new web technology, I upgraded the time-honored JW Player to 5.4, skinned it, and added all of a band's particular songs to a playlist. The whole site is done in the 1140 CSS Grid framework. This 12-column layout allows for a really flexible design that looks great on a 1280x800 MacBook screen, all the way down to an iPhone, carefully compressing space until it transforms from a desktop app to a mobile one right before your eyes. I'm still trying to get the kinks out of JW Player's HTML5 support, so for now iDevices won't get the sweet Flash player. You can still click on the "Download files" button next to each band and navigate some exciting default Apache file system hierarchies to get the files.