Despite being first introduced to Ruby via working on More Things Need To, I haven't really gone full-on into Ruby-learning mode until now. I believe I've made some small inroads toward getting to know it better in the past few days, though.

Some of the accomplishments I've made as of late:

  • Successfully finished a coding exercise dealing with basic class relationships and Ruby built-in methods set forth by my coding friend
  • Wrote a small script to reverse a list of strings for the Lists page here on my blog
  • Gone through a tutorial or two or three
  • Going to a local Ruby meetup (tonight!)

Grasping the concepts of Ruby is mostly reaffirming basic programming ideals only with different syntax, so it's going well. Using it with the web framework Rails will be more difficult, but is probably the best next step. My goal is to have created a Rails web app by the end of the month. This will help strengthen my ailing database skills, which have needed some sprucing up after several years of mainly front-end work.