I know part of the reason for the lack of posting proper blog entries over the years is me. Yep. I got taken in by the allure of the 140-character status update, so much easier to spit out than a many-worded spiel on LiveJournal. Another part of the reason is everyone else doing the exact same thing. It’s like my friends all decided to move to a new city together and I joined them. Twitter was exciting: it was easy to contribute and there were lots and lots of updates, so the content feed rarely felt stale. Even figuring out how to sum up my current condition in a captioned snapshot was in itself an art form. Cleverness was needed to make them count. But that’s the thing with being clever: it rarely tells the whole story.

Challenging myself to come up with something to espouse on each day in a longer format has been a…uh, challenge. It reminds me of when I did M.U.S.I.K. back in 2006 (and in 2003, too). For those not initiated, M.U.S.I.K. was a ridiculous acronym I used to describe a month-long exercise in musical composition. Each day I had to come up with an idea, flesh it out, record it, and upload it. I even set up an RSS feed for the more recent one. NaBloPoMo has been very similar because both of them started out strong, mainly because I had a lot of ideas that I was just waiting to expand on, restraining myself to only one entry a day. The songs were flowing mightily in the beginning, but after the halfway point each day was a struggle, wrenching whatever creative songcraft scrap I had tucked in my brain out and onto my hard drive.

I’m well past the halfway point of November’s blogging event, and it’s good to be posting regularly again. My friend Kim recently started blogging regularly in her LJ, once again letting me in on her mindspace on a continual basis, which pleases me greatly. Perhaps Twitter and Facebook micro-blogging will slow down due to my renewed interest in macro-blogging. We shall see, Internetizens. We shall see.