Spurned on by my wife, who is being spurned on by a website, I am dutifully creating a blog post again, one day after my last.

It is apparently NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month. Write a blog post once a day for a month. Simple. Not as easy as NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. I don’t consider myself a writer, let alone a novelist (or even an aspiring novelist), so that’s a bit too much outside of my hobby circle. Writing about my day, once a day, though? Can do.


After the epic gaming weekend of recency, it was nice to just laze around in bed, and then later in couch, and then later still in bed again, last night with Robyn. We caught up on most of the shows we watch. Dinner consisted of some popcorn and a big bowl of steamed and mashed sweet potatoes. I attempted to play Fallout: New Vegas, which I refer to as “my book” because it’s that thing with a story I’m slowly making my way through that I look forward to, but failed. After only 5 minutes lounging in a chair, eyes trying to fixate on the somewhat deserted world of post-apocalyptic Nevada, I could feel the sleep pall creeping over me. Eye droppage keps occurring and I even let out an audible “Uh Oh.” I don’t really remember turning the game or TV off, and the next thing I know it’s 5 am or something and I’m splayed out on the futon. Boo.


It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow. We haven’t spoken in a while so I look forward to calling her and finding out what she’s up to.

A friend is celebrating his release from the US Army’s contractual obligation this weekend. The party is entitled “An Army of One Fewer.” I appreciate the appropriate “countable”.


Time to program.