Switching to Chrome from Firefox a while back was pretty much a sweet move. Nothing again Firefox, which is a great browser and one I used for a long time proudly, but the interface and design of Google’s now pretty-popular app has won me over. The two things initially keeping me away, plugins/extensions and Firebug, have been ameliorated by beefing up the catalog and making peace with the Web Inspector.

Initially I started with their stable release. After getting comfortable I dabbled in the beta (dev) and alpha (nightly) channels. Getting new fixes and features immediately was something that was fun and cutting-edge. Unfortunately, an odd bug cropped up on a site that my friend and I work on, More Things Need To (a Mad-Libs-inspired web app with user-generated content that’s fun to contribute to and read).

The Issue: anytime you click on something that fires some AJAX, Chrome’s JavaScript console responds with:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 405 (Method Not Allowed)

Currently, that means you can’t submit an entry or comment, nor can you vote. All other browsers don’t exhibit this issue. Chrome worked fine at version 6, so pushing the dev channel to stable and announcing it fixes a bunch of bugs with this result isn’t the most ideal world.

I figure it’ll get fixed soon (much like the bugs in Fallout: New Vegas are going to get squashed imminently), but in the meantime LIFE IS PAIN (in this really specific instance).